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Welcome to The Dancery!


What's good, kinfolks? I'm Sharde, and I'm fiercely passionate about helping others discover and secure great emotional health. Join me for a virtual class today. Ready. Set. BECOME!


More About Me
Timothy D.

"The Vault is a catalyst to my evolution. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be apart!"

Kenza H.

"I gave God a year. It turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made!"

Rodney T.

"The Vault is where I began to understand real safety while healing!"

Brianna L.

"A benefit of the Vault is finding family & being able to build with them from a place of wholeness."

Taylor B.

"In the Vault I found wholistic healing. In the Vault I found family. In the Vault I found safety. In the Vault I found ME."

Gene'a M.

"The Vault and the community that was created was everything I didn’t know I needed."

Good emotional health is absolutely essential


The Vault is established as a safe space where both men and women alike can explore and reflect upon the contents of their experience and be equipped to leverage proven strategy and wisdom that is guaranteed to catapult them toward the greatest version of themselves.

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